Test and tag in the home?

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Electrical Safety Sunshine Coast

According to the Electrical safety laws, specified electrical equipment and safety switches need to be tested at intervals according to their class of work. This applies to construction, manufacturing, service, office (including home offices), amusement and rural industries. The testing must be carried out by someone who is suitably licensed and competent. Competence is based on knowledge and skills gained from training, experience, and certification. Only a person who is appointed as competent by their employer can test and tag electrical equipment. Only a licensed and competent electrician can test safety switches.

What is Test and Tag?

A durable tag must be attached after inspecting and testing to show the test date and the next scheduled test and inspection date, and again there are specific requirements for inspecting, tagging and testing hire equipment: the class of work determines how often specified electrical equipment and safety switches are tested and this can range from 3 months to 5 years. Equipment that fails testing must be taken out of use immediately and a durable tag attached, warning people not to use it.

Electrical safety standards

Call Unearthed Electrical Pty Ltd today and make an appointment for them to come and identify potential hazards, and complete your test and tag and safety switch testing in one visit. It is essential to comply with state and federal government safety regulations, and just part of risk management and good business practice. Even — or especially — at home it makes sense to have all your expensive equipment checked, monitored and protected from power surges. Nothing can be guaranteed 100 per cent, so regular testing really is necessary. The brightly coloured, non-metallic and non-reusable wrap-around tags bear the date of the test and name of the tester.

Your general duty of care

Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, service, office (including home offices), amusement or rural industries, where appliances must be tested and tagged, or simply want to ensure your home and office, family and employees are safe, to prevent electric shocks and short circuits, and protect yourself and your property — contact Unearthed Electrical Pty Ltd today to be sure. They can test all your appliances and safety switches all in one visit so that you can sleep in peace.