Upgrading your lighting to shine and save

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Sunshine Coast Lighting

Do you need to save money, cut back your overheads and be more energy-efficient in a tough economic climate? Have you considered reducing your long-term running costs by upgrading your Sunshine Coast lighting to lower energy consumption? By making your lighting more cost-effective, you should be able to bring down the electricity bills by up to 40 per cent! And LED bulbs are mercury-free and more sustainable.


Should you invest in LED? They are the most energy-efficient option on the market today and the price of the bulbs has come down in the past few years, making LED far more affordable. The bulbs are shatterproof and last far longer than the old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, and they don’t run anywhere near as hot as previous halogen or incandescent. Unearthed Electric Pty Ltd can have you upgraded to LED lighting swiftly, competently and competitively. Call Brad and ask for professional advice and a quote.

Check the spec!

Don’t rush into anything without listening to good advice from experts — too many people just don’t realise that there are many substandard lighting products on the market. These cheaper, usually imported products can cause many issues including flickering, strobing and even flashing when not switched on. They can also have a very short life span as they are not designed for the Australian electricity supply. If you already have dimmers, often these can still be compatible with the new LED lights, but if not, new electronic dimmers can be installed to give you full control over your new lights. Be sure to ask what the life of the LED should be. The product should hold a guarantee and come with a warranty. Remember, you can trust Unearthed Electric Pty Ltd to help you make the right decisions about style, colour, brightness, colour temperature and suitability for your lighting in Sunshine Coast — and to save you time and money as well.