Storm protection for your electrical systems

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Australian storms are particularly unpredictable, violent and frightening, particularly in the wetter, hotter parts of the country, so it is very important to unplug telephones, television sets, refrigerators and freezers and other electrical equipment in case of a power surge. You should also know where the power, gas, solar and water supplies can be turned off too if necessary, and always have a battery radio tuned to a local station for the latest news. Stay away from any damaged power lines, street lamps and switchboards. Don’t panic and use your common sense, if you see fallen power lines or anything that may be of concern, call 000 immediately.

Keep away from solar panels if you think they may be damaged after a storm. Don’t consider doing anything dangerous like climbing up on the roof and risking an accident.

Call in the experts

Unearthed Electrical Pty Ltd will immediately do whatever they can to help if you call them — professionally, affordably and competently. They can carry out verification tests on all your equipment to make sure that the electrical circuits have not been damaged in any way so that your service can be reconnected as quickly as possible.

Roof first

Most importantly, the solar PV system needs to be checked. Even when the power is turned off the cells and associated cabling remain live — while the sun is out, the system is energised.

Don’t run unnecessary risks

Every single water-damaged electrical appliance presents a risk, even kettles and toasters and blenders, so they all have to be tested before using them again. Even generators can be dangerous — just don’t take any chances, call Unearthed Electrical Pty Ltd and benefit from their experience and expertise.

Surge protectors

Surge protectors can divert power surges away from the appliances in your house and prevent them from being damaged. If you are lucky, a power surge may simply trip out your power and everything will be normal when you switch the breaker back on, but in the worst cases, your appliances can be damaged beyond repair. It is not only lightening that can cause power surges, they can happen in fine weather as well.

Beyond DIY

Please don’t ever try to fix things yourself — DIY just isn’t worth the risk and Unearthed Electrical Pty Ltd is just a phone call away.